Google stands in its focus for providing great support to the developers for developing various applications.Google's APIs are "ready to plug" codes and helps developers to quickly creates functionalities.

Our main areas of technological strengths are summarized with the following Google's technology platform:

Google Maps

Google Maps is a recent offering that blends Google's intuitive search capabilities with some very dynamic interface design.

Google provides APIs for plotting various maps on web pages.

  • Basic functionalities we have worked with google maps are :
  • • Markers with Information windows
  • • Loading the data from an XML file,JSON file.
  • • Plotting Images and Links in info windows
  • • Maps in articles
  • • Implementing Google Earth icons on its maps.
  • • Sending KML files to Google Maps
  • • Multi-langual Maps
  • • Dual Maps: A pair of maps that match each other's movements.
  • • Custom Zoom Slider
  • • Getting Directions on the maps for an animated drive.
  • • Tricks with GGeoXml

  • We holds an experience of Google map implementation in variety of business domains.Some of them are :
  • • Transportation
  • • Traffic enforcement & Parking Solutions
  • • Real Estate

Google provides large set of APIs & Objective-c Library that is going to be really helpful for developers who are planning to integrate Google services in their iPhone applications.

Our many iPhone applications are now equiped with Google Services with the help of these APIs & Objective-C Libraries. With the help of there libraries we have implemented many Google functionalities in various iPhone applications.Like,

    • • Blogger
    • • Calendar
    • • Code Search
    • • Contacts
    • • Documents List
    • • Notebook
    • • Picasa Web Albums
    • • Spreadsheets
    • • YouTube
    • • Google APIs

    Google has been opening up many of its most popular services to outside developers from quirky applications to venture-funded startups.

    We have worked with those APIs in our various Web & Desktop applications,to suit customer's requirement for Google Services. Some of them used are listed below :

    Google Toolbar API

    Toolbar API allows developers to create buttons for Google Toolbar, thus creating a way for you to add data from your web site to the user’s web browser

    Google Gadgets API

    Google Gadgets API allows developers to create applications that run on iGoogle (formerly Google Personalized Home), Google Desktop, Google Page Creator, and the “Google Gadgets for Your Web Page” directory

    Google Base API

    The Google Base API allows developers to both search the Google Base database and input new listings. Thus, shopping sites, classifieds aggregators, and others are building applications that either expand their own listings or allow sellers to submit items to multiple sites at once.

    Google Calendar API

    The Google Calendar API allows developers to build applications that let users create, manage, and delete events from their calendars.

    Google Desktop SDK

    The Google Desktop SDK (Software Developer Kit) allows developers to build plugins that extend the functionality of Google’s popular desktop search software.

    AdWords API

    The Google AdWords API allows developers to design new programs for managing and analyzing AdWords campaigns.

    Google Desktop SDK

    the Google Documents List Data API allows developers to build applications that can upload documents to Google Docs, request a list of a user’s documents, or search content within a document.