uSpeek is an AI-based tool which helps you improve your spoken word. From body language, word power, to voice it gives you a holistic analysis, in a matter of minutes. You get a detailed report on 25 unique parameters across three major areas: Body Language, Word Power & Voice. With the subscription, come learning videos and exercises to help you work on your areas of improvement. uSpeek provides real-time, on the job personalized coaching at a very affordable price. Our feedback and analysis are precise and analytical.


kWurd Is An Email Writing AI Coach Application For You. With Useful Features, An Intuitive Interface And Powerful Design Built By A Team Of Communication, AI Experts & Developers. It Helps You Focus On What You Do Best. Enhancing your email writing skills can improve your productivity, relationships and business results. kWurd App is now available on Google Chrome and Microsoft Outlook.


India is a land of culture & traditions. It has a colorful and rich lineage when it comes to deign. Studio Trataka provides a unique blend of traditional and contemporary India in its products. Trataka umbrellas a serene mix of products in interiors and spaces, lifestyle accessory, lighting, installation art and photography. Trataka promotes and support artisan's livelihood by incorporating our traditional crafts in our design language.


Numerology, Vedic astrology (love, marriage, job, child, buisness, muhurat), palm line, Samudrashastra, will be told by the astrologer through Astro4call, about the future of the person . If the person is unable to go to the astrologer in any situation, then our aim is to solve his problem through online software at home.